Sunday, February 13, 2005

Crochet - Beaded Purse

beaded purse with my fountain pen
Now crochet.
I made this tiny beaded purse. One of my LYS was closed and before that, they gave us a bargain. So I got this mouth ring.
I used Anchor No.8 and beads were slightly green TOHO beads. I'm not familiar with the size of beads, but these are what we call "maru-dai", which means "big seed". Because colour of the yarn is so beautiful, I choose transparent beads with pale colour.
As you can see, it is really small. You may put a quarter or two and that makes full.
beaded purse with mouth opened

Knitting - Garter Stitches

Bias-lined Hat
This is a Bias-lined Hat made with Dia Musee Col.38. I used size 8 needle (Japanese size). I don't usually knit with this kind of "large" colourway, but this yarn was so fun to knit with. The fabric is light and warm. I just can't stop knitting this hat. I'm now working with Puppy's Multico. This is also very nice varigated yarn.


Knitting - Shadow Knitting

Long time no see.
But I've been knitting and crocheting and tatting.

Shadow Knitting Scarf From Now-You-Can-See View
Here is the picture of my shadow-knitting scarf with ROWAN wool cotton August and Goblin. I took this picutre at my office.
ROWAN wool cotton is suitable for shadow knitting because garter ridge is sharp enough. However, it may be a little thick for shadow knitting. In the book _Shadow Knitting_ by Vivian Hoxbro, many garments are made with fingering weight yarns.
Shadow Knitting Scarf overview
I love this yarn. It is so delightful to knit with it and the fabric isn't itching. It might not be warm enough since it is made of half wool and half cotton, but this scarf is long and I just roll it over and over around my neck.