Sunday, January 15, 2012

#23 Bag Charm

Bag Charm by Garyou
Bag Charm, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

I totally forgot to blog about this.
I made a bag charm from Marilee Rockley's _Tatted Jewelry._ The name of this motif is Carnival.

I bought this bag last August.
It was a kind of love-at-first-sight, but in last spring, this bag went sold-out right after the sales began. I've waited for a while, and got one. It is so pretty in person, prettier than I have expected.
So I decided to tat a charm for it, but didn't start until last December.
I planned to go to see kabuki plays in Kyoto and I wanted to bring this bag with me. Then I thought I needed a charm and made it.

The 6mm bead doesn't fit well. I should have used 8mm.
I had hard time threading Delica Beads (you usually use them when you do bead-weaving) because holes of them were so small.
The colour of the bag and the charm go well, at least I think so.
Bag Charm

Via Flickr:
Carnival Designed by Marilee Rockley
Thread: Lisbeth #20 Col.684
Beads: 6mm Swarovski Fern, 4mm Swarovski Province Violet, & MIYUKI Delica Beads

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