Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Something White

These days, I enjoy tatting with colourful threads. But once in a while, I desperately want to use white thread for lace.

My favourite shuttle is GR-8 shuttle. When I ordered it, I also bought a book, _Tatting the GR-8 Self-Closing Mock Ring_. It doesn't have colour pages, but the patterns in that book are so colourful. Most of them require two or more colours. This book was inspiring and still is.
Ever since I read the book, I've been rather a colourful tatter than a white one. Now I'm working with Iris's Beatrice in a kind of Lime and Violet colourway. It is beautiful and I love that.
But, suddenly I want to tat something white. White, traditional and dainty. That kind of lace.
I don't have a particular pattern in mind, so it would be just a whim and forgotten.
Now, back to Beatrice, lime and violet.

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