Monday, May 06, 2013

A New Book on Tatting

A New Book on Tatting by Garyou
A New Book on Tatting, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

Two books on tatting lace have been published last month. And this is the one of them.
FUJISHIGE Sumi's _Kurashi no Naka no Tatting Lace (Tatting Lace in Everyday Life)_.

All the patterns were already published previously but the books are out of print now. So, if you have FUJISHIGE's old books around 1990s, you may not need this one.

There are 9 doilies including small ones in this book as well as edgings, accessories (2 collars and some necklaces), motifs, and collages.

I've made a small doily from this. In the book, this doily is used as a decoration on a small pouch.
All the works are made with Olympus threads but I don't have white one so I used DMC Cordonnet Specail #40 in Blanc.
I usually use bobbin shuttles; I used a clover shuttle this time. My first tatting lace book was written by FUJISHIGE and at that time, only shuttle I could buy was clover's. It's a sense of nostalgia.
And you know, clovers shuttles are very good, too.

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