Sunday, September 23, 2012

Same Motifs Joining Differently

This kind of motif is my favourite and I just wanted to tat something out of it.

First, I made the pale violet doily. It was very hot when I began to tat it, so I just joined motifs with one ring. I think this doily came out well. It looks cool because it has a lot of space. It even feel so light. Lighter than the pale blue one.

Then, I made the pale blue one. It got hotter and I hesitated a bit, but joined two rings each. Since the colour looks cool, it doesn't look so thick.

I'm lack of ability to create something original; now I know a little thing make things different.

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  • These are very attractive and I like both of them! I've always had difficulty joining many motifs together - it takes a lot of concentration! Very nicely done, and helps to show how different something looks depending on how it is joined!

    By Blogger Kathy Niklewicz, At 2:00 PM  

  • I think they both look wonderful!!! And great colors!!! :)

    By Blogger God's Kid, At 10:32 PM  

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