Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Before Blocking

Before Blocking by Garyou
Before Blocking, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

In fact, I did block this doily once; it didn't come out well.

As blogged before, I used the same pattern as my first tatted doily. I learned how to tat with a shuttle and a ball from this pattern. My first tatting book doesn't give me enough instruction how to tat with a shuttle and a ball. FUJITO Teiko's book tells me that simply and straightforwardly. Without her book, I'd quitted tatting.

Now I'm thinking of my next tatting project.

Via Flickr:
Designed by FUJITO Teiko
Lisbeth #40

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  • That looks so awesome!!! :)

    By Blogger God's Kid, At 2:35 AM  

  • This looks wonderful, and I'm so glad you DID learn how to tat with the shuttle and ball! Great job of tatting and blocking!

    I'm still aggravated over how all books and magazines even up to today make tatting look so difficult. Fortunately we have videos today, but I believe it could have been shown much more clearly in print than it was. When I finally realized how 'easy' it was to tat (the basic knot), I was quite upset. Especially when I discovered I could hold my left hand the same way I crochet. I could have been tatting for 50 years instead of 'only' 20! I'm glad Fujito Teiko's book explained it more clearly to you!

    By Blogger Kathy Niklewicz, At 3:18 AM  

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