Sunday, January 29, 2012

#25 Motif from Broadway China

Motif from Broadway China by Garyou
Motif from Broadway China, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

I made a motif from this book by MORIMOTO Kazuko. It's been just published about a week ago.
It shows three steps of tatting: a shuttle with a ball, two shuttles, and two shuttles with split ring technique. There are 27 works in it, small motif to something large like a doily, a shawl made with silk thread (very dainty and nice!), and a table center. The table center displayed on the face of the book is made with DMC 80. Some works are made with Lisbeth threads.

The two books prior to this one are mostly about small motifs and accessaries. This book is more comprehensive than the former two and I like that.

This motif is used in two doilies in the book. I like the way joining the motifs. I'd like to tat them.

This is the 25th motif. I sometimes thought I couldn't make it, but, I did. Yay.

Motifs from Broadway China

Via Flickr:
Source: すてきなタティングレース by MORIMOTO Kazuko
Thread: Lisbeth#40 Col.641

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