Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 New Year's Cards

2015 New Year Cards
New Year's Cards must be received on 1 January. So you have to post them no later than 25 December.
That's what post office here says. But every year, I post them around 30 December mainly because I'm too busy. And actually, I really don't want to write them at all.

Still, I have to send them to my relatives and friends. I sometimes think that I should just send holiday greetings by e-mail to friends. But that won't work with my relatives since many of them are so old.

So, I sent these cards above. This is the Chinese year of the sheep so I draw sheep. And I glued a tatted motif each to the rest of the cards.
It's a lot of fun to tat motifs and that makes me write New Year's Cards every year.

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