Sunday, August 05, 2012

New Tatting Shuttles from Clover

I've bought new tatting shuttles from Clover on Saturday.
The colours look so cool. Pale green and blue suit for summer.

"L" stands for large.

Tattieg Shuttles

As you can see, it is as long as a Sew Mate shuttle.
Clover says this shuttle is for loading beads.

Large Hole

The hole is really large. You can use really thick thread with this shuttle.

Duet w/ Clover's New Shuttle

Followings are my opinion, and you might feel in different ways.

Though its length is as same as a Sew Mate one, it's a bit thicker. That makes me a little more difficult to tat since my hands are small.
It can hold a lot of thread and that's for sure.

Anyway, new products are good news and that shows tatting is not a lost art at all.

Via Flickr:
a bit large

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