Saturday, May 28, 2011

Motif #7 & New Product: Silk Lace Thread by Daikoku Shigyou

Bead-Tatted Motif
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
I bought the new Silk Lace Thread by Daikoku Shigyou at Japan Hobby Show. Daikoku Shigyou provides threads, mainly for sewing.
I usually use silk thread for button holes when I tat with beads and Daikoku Shigyou's thread is my favourite. This new thread is much better than that for tatting. It's kind of slippery as compared to cotton thread; it's so smooth when you pull it to make rings. Stitches seem neat, too.
I believe I've seen this motif in a book by FUJITO Teiko but not quite sure.
I'm thinking of putting this motif at the end of a bookmark I'll tat.

Via Flickr:
Thread: Silk Lace Thread, Daikoku Limited
Beads: TOHO CR508

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