Sunday, November 14, 2010

Really Warm

Originally uploaded by Garyou.
This is the very first blanket that I've made. I've tried several times to knit or crochet ones, but never completed making.
It suddenly got cold this autumn. It was awfully hot this summer. I thought I desperately need something makes me warm.
So, I started knitting this.
It's only a garter-stitch blanket, quite easy, and mindless if you use markers. You need to knit some stitches and purl some stitches and so on.
But it made me feel it took forever to finished knitting this blanket.

A few information on this project.
Puppy Princess Anny COL. 536 (green), 541 (Orange)
Needle Size 7 (4.2mm)
Started on Fri. 29 Oct. 2010
Finished on 13 Nov.2010

I'm putting it on right now. It's warm, but you can hardly notice you put this on your laps. When you put it off, next thing you know is you had it on your laps.

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