Saturday, March 07, 2009

Iroiro Enhancement

I've watched a TV programme featuring a 100-year-old lady making small blankets for persons who are good to her.
First, she knits garter stitch motifs, 10 cm x 10 cm (4 inch x 4 inch, approx.) wide. Then, I assume she sews them together. At last, she adds crochet embellishment as an edging. Most of them are shell stitch edgings. It is a little smaller than an ordinary baby blanket, but large enough to cover adult laps and knees.
Her blanket is always checkerboard pattern and her sense of colour is quite unique. She insists on colours she uses very much.

It seemed to me that she's just begun knitting and crochet. Her hands are unstable while working and that doesn't seem due to her age. And a narrator said something like "she wanted to take advantage of her years and years of sewing experience," and "she has made 30 blankets in these two years."

Still, her stash is enormous for a small blanket knitter. She has several cardboard boxes full of skeins of yarn. In the programme, one of her daughters sent her another cardboard box full of balls of yarn.
Wow, how many blankets is she going to make?

If you have small stash, your choice of colour numbers would be limited. But if you have big stash.... well, maybe there'd be no "enough stash", but still, your choice would be less limited.
Her persistence on colours requires that much stash. So I think.

Now, is it ok for me to enhance my stash, then?

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