Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't Know Much About Blocking

Summer Lace Shawlette
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So I don't knit lace very much.
Well, actually, I've done with some knitted lace stuffs, but almost all of them were ill-blocked. I mean, I messed up with blocking.
One of the reason is that I don't have enough space to block.
I do tat and crochet doilies once in a while and have no trouble with blocking them. They are usually small and I can easily find a place to block.
But knitted lace stuffs.
Usually, they are long and large. Long enough to cover your neck and large enough to wrap your shoulders. They are usually no less than one meter (about one yard) in width or length or both. And I can't find any space to block.

And, there is another reason because I don't knit lace stuff very much: I can't follow the patterns.
I start knitting a lace shawl or something very happily and suddenly find myself missing a stitch or two, or, knitting too many stitches. I'm sure I've been following the pattern precisely, but in a way, I missed soemthing.
Yes, I'm a clumsy knitter, so to speak.

So I've given up with knitted lace stuffs, those beautiful lacey shawls and all. How I love them! How I love thier dainty looks!

And here I am, with my Summer Lace Shawlette.
With Olympus's Silk la Saine, it was really fun to knit.
This time, I didn't mess up with blocking. I used a lot of pegs. Those are usually what I use for blocking, but I pinched a wet shawl very carefully with them.
So, hey, that's not very bad, isn't it?

This is a very nice pattern, well considered. The shawl is not long enough to tie in your front, but it stays comfortably on your shoulder.
I'm looking forward to wearing it.
Ah, it's stil a bit warm around here. I'm wating for cooler weather now.

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