Sunday, September 07, 2008

Strong Assumption

#4 Socks for SKP2008
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Started knitting at age of 10, stranded knitting has been my problem.
I simply cannot knit fairisle knitting.
Because I believe so.

I've done with two stranded knittings, anyhow: one is a hat, and the other is "Canada" from the book _Knitting on the Go_.
Both are disastrous and tucked deep into my closet.

What's wrong with stranded knitting with me?
First and all, yarn in back becomes too tight or too loose, especially when I knit with double pointed needles.

I really love fairisle patterns, nordic gloves and mittens, Bohus and all. I've tried to knit them and all I did was just frogging them.

The 4th challenge for Sock Knitters Pentathlon is Ziggy, wonderful stranded knitted socks.
And the picture here shows how I did.
It was fun to knit this pair. I started knitting this on 2 Sep., 2008 and finished on 6 Sep., 2008. That's no later than other socks, such as sock with cables and lace patterns.

Yarn in back is sometimes too tight or too loose still, but it isn't so bad as before.
I need to try another stranded knitting.
And more.

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