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Stealth Rattlesnake Socks

Stealth Rattlesnake Socks
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It was a challenge. Indeed.
To me, it was a big challenge to knit a pair of socks during weekdays.
The 1st sock pattern was announced on weekend; the 2nd one on holidays. I was able to use two full days for knitting each time.
But the 3rd socks.
On the day of announce, which was 1:00 am, 2 July 2008, I was up waiting for the pattern. As soon as the pattern was revealed, I went to my stash closet and picked up yarn. I was thinking of solid or heathered colour, but what I had in my hand was Lisa Souza's Sock! Merino in Shade Garden. Very varigated.
As I went on kniting, I found out that it is difficult to knit cable pattern with this kind of colourway. The pattern doesn't appear clearly and that causes the diffuculty.
Still, I love the pattern and the yarn. Cable and rib pattern is one of my favourite for socks. It fits well. Cables make a sock a bit tight, but rib makes it relaxed.
I started knitting around 1:30 am on the same day, knitted a ribbing part. And I finished with the first sock around 4:30 am on Saturday. The second sock was finished around 3:00 am on Sunday. The second one was not so bad.
Now I know that I need weekend to finish a pair, or it would take me more than a week. That doesn't so bad, either. At least so I think.

BTW, it looks like snakes are hiding in the shade garden, doesn't it?
Oh, Rattlesnake Creek is desert? Is it?
Well, well, well....
#3 Sock for Sock Knitters Pentathlon 2008 in Detail

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