Sunday, January 27, 2008

At Home

Beethoven's Variation on Dickey
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In winter, I put on something I made every day.
I'm not a sweater-knitter, so usually I put on a hat, a cowl or a scarf or both, and a pair of fingerless gloves, mittens, or gloves when I go out. At the office, it is too cold or too warm. So it depends, but my cowl is almost always with me while I'm working. I often have soar throat. That's why.

What do I wear at home, then?
A dickey is a must. As written, my throat always hurts. Even in the middle of summer. Air conditioning must be a cause, but I'm not sure. Maybe the air ventilation of the office is not very good.
Anyway, my throat is somewhat sensitive. To protect it, I definitely need a dickey. Not a scarf, not a cowl (well, a cowl is a good choice, though), but a dickey at home.

And a pair of socks. Handknitted, of course.
The first thing I do when I get home from work is taking the socks off. These socks are not handcrafted. One of my faults is make a hole in the sock so easily and shortly. I'd really love to wear socks I made to work, but I don't. I don't want to darn my sock every night.
After taking my outdoor socks off, I put my handknitted socks immediately. They really make me feel relaxed and warm. So cosy. I've never thought handcraftd socks give me such comfort.

My dickey also makes me feel better. I'll never forget how I felt so good when I wore a dickey at the first time. It was so soothing. And you can put it on without thinking what to wear. Well, you need to think when you go out or you care about your outfit, but in that case, you just knit a lot of dickey. Some of them might fit your today's clothes.

Now my concern is what to wear when it gets warmer. Knit, tat, or crochet something really light and really making me feel cool? That's not a very bad idea. I still want to knit with wool yarn right now, though.

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