Sunday, November 11, 2007

Garter Stitch Revisited

Garter Stitch? Boring!
But, wait. Is it really so?

Mindless knitting.
Doesn't it sound a bit calling it down?
Sometimes, I desperately need it, mindles knitting.
When I have nothing to do while watching TV, listening to music, and reading a book, and also I'm too tired to refering to a pattern every row, I want to knit, tat, or crochet something without looking up the pattern.
#"But you are watching TV ,listening to music or reading book! You're doing something!"
#Yeah, I know what you mean.
#I just can't stand my hands being empty.
#That's all.

It doesn't have to be mindless; I can knit cable rib socks without its pattern as well.
So, usually I pick something with a little decorative stitch to avoid boredom. That means, I choose not-only-stockinette-stitch-in-round or not-only-garter-stitch-in-flat pattern to make me feel busy.

But, you know, there surely are beautiful garter stitch garments in the world. A huge number of them exists. I mean, not only the garment but also garter stitches that consist that garment are awesome. And I really admire them.

So, once in a while I revisit garter stitch patterns and try to knit each row as beautiful as possible. Well, I know I'm a clumsy knitter, but still it is a good thing to have a model. It must be better than without one, at least.

And this is my 4th or maybe 5th Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. The yarn I use is Diakeito's Dia Tasmanian Merino Atelier in AT810 colourway. This is one of the new yarns from Diakeito. When I first saw this yarn at my LYS I didn't think this yarn would become popular because its colourway variation. It's ... well, it's a bit large.
But working with it has totally changed my mind. This yarn is so lovely. It is so soft, so smooth, and fabric made of this is so tender that I don't want to take my hands off from it.
This would be perfect if they have different colourways.

Dia tasmanian Merino Atelier requires size 5 or 6 in Japanese size needles. So, it is 3.6mm to 3.9mm. I first tried size 4 (3.3mm) needles. I usually size down needles when I make all garter stitch garments.
But, the result was somewhat drapey (I may misinterpret the word drapey. The result was easy to fold).
So, I changed the needle to size 7 (4.2mm).

And you know what?
A pinwheel sweater is in progress, too!
Knit stitch one after another.
And, it isn't boring at all.

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