Monday, October 16, 2006

Experimental Socks

Experimental Socks
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We had a handknitted/handcrochetted sock contest. It was held by a sock company, Okamoto. And here is the contest page and you can see all the entry socks here. Be careful all the words are written only in Japanese.

Of course I sent my pair and the socks above are experiments for that pair.
All of them are made with Jaeger Matchmaker DK using 3mm circular needle, toe up with magic cast on and magic loop.

I made the front one first. I took Wheat Ear Cable pattern from _A Treasury of Knitting Patterns_. It was so fun to knit this sock. Since the cable pattern isn't stretchy enough, I picked K2P2 rib on the back of the leg.

I really like the cable pattern, so next, I used the same patterns on both sides of sock but I made the patterns 4 stitches smaller. Wheat Ear Cable is just for this kind of sock. The split pattern establishes individual cable pattern.

At last, I made the green clog sock. The cable pattern on this sock was totally impromptu. The pattern doesn't repeat at all. It is OK to call this sock as my original, but it is too awkward.

But, without them, I wasn't able to entry the contest.

It was extremely fun to knit socks from my imagination. But it needs to be polished a lot.

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