Thursday, September 21, 2006

[Knitting] All I Knit Are Socks

My First Magic Loop Socks: One sock at a time

These days all I knit are socks! Just socks! Socks after socks!
I really wonder why. Surely I love knitting socks. Before I knitted my first pair, I felt so strange that people loved to knit socks. Socks, that tube-like objects. Are they fun to knit? And those short-rows seemed annoying to knit. In my country, short row with yarn over heels are common among hand-knitted socks and at that time I just couldn't get how to knit them. Well, I still can't, maybe.

My First 2 Socks on Magic Loop

Anyway, I made my first pair using a pattern here, and hey, wasn't it fun to knit them? And didn't you feel so comfortable wearing them? I didn't know handknitted socks (even my awkward first pair) make me feel warm and nice so much. Why haven't I tried them?

Tabi Socks

Ever since then, I've made a bunch of socks. Socks with cuff-down, socks with toe-up, heels with gusset, heels with short rows (warp, yo, or none), plain toe, round toe, star-pointed toe, K2P2 rib, K1P1 rib, K4P3 rib, socks with cables, socks with fair-isle, and so on.
And still I have whole lotta techniques left that I want to try for my socks! Gee.

Opal Tiger Socks

I know one thing why I love knitting socks especially during summer. I love to knit with wool yarns. Well, I like cotton, silk, and maybe linen yarns, too. They make fabulous fabric and you can wear them almost through the year. Woll, on the other hand, is not very suitable during summer, at least where I live, it is true. And it is too hot to wear wool sweaters even in winter. I'm really sorry for that. Well, so it is not very niced to knit something with wool yarns during summer season. But socks! Socks are so small that you'll never get annoyed with them even in the heat and humidity of summer. You can have fun to knit wool socks without feeling hot or anything (and of cource, without air conditioning).

Tropicana Socks

In summer, when I miss wool yanrs, I knit socks (or gloves or mittens), and wait for winter and time to wearing them.

Wyvern Socks

One more thing. I learned to knit with magic loop and that really makes me knit socks. On the bus or train, double pointed needles are kind of dangerous. They have sharp ends and usually very fine (especially when you knit socks). That prevented me from knitting socks on the public transportation.

KIWI Socks

But magic loop! All the sharp ends are at your hands and looks no more scary than dpns. Oooh, now I can knit socks on the bus without feeling guilty!

Old Rose Socks

So far, I've made 18 pairs of socks this year. That means 2 pairs a month average. Some socks are made with the yarns from my stash, some are the made with newly-bought yarns.

Online Walking Socks

Why can't I stop knitting them? After all, I have only a pair of feet to wear them. Nobody needs so many pairs. I bet I can compete against the shoes in the Malakanang Palace. Not only my socks, but also my sock yarns in my stash.

Lace Rib Socks

Now I'm knitting socks for a contest held by a domestic sock-making company. It's deadline is the end of this month. The socks must be original. But what does "original" mean in knitting? I'm trying to knit "original" socks, but the harder I try, the more alike they look to some old patterns.
Well, if I can hopefully apply my socks, the picture will be shown on the company's site. And if I can't make a deadline, I would show them here.

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