Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tatting - SCMR Doiley

I'm back again. Mabye this is my third time to come back here.
It is too difficult for me to write in English. But, well, I just give it a try.

I've made Penta-round Doiley from _Tatting with Self-Closing Mock Ring_ by GR-8 Shuttle Brothers.

I like this pattern because the center is pentagon but whole doiley looks circle. And I love Self-Closing Mock Ring (SCMR)!

SCMR only appears in the last round in this pattern, but you can use it on every round except the center motif.

I used Coron No.40 in dark red, dark blue, and beige. Doesn't the doiley look like in an antique tricolour? You can find this kind of tricolour in old patchworks. I prefer quiet, somewhat dull colour way like this.

And here are two things that I'd like to try since I've made this doiley:
1. Use split rings to climb up the round.
2. Apply SCMR and use only one shuttle and a ball with the patterns require two shuttles.