Saturday, April 02, 2005

Long time no see again.

I've been to Finland and Sweden with my friend from 12 thru 19 March.

And I've been to Gino's Coffee on Tuesday night though I speak no Swedish.
What an adventure!
Thank you so much, knitters in Stockholm!
And sorry to tell you my appreciation this late.

Well... as a non-cameraman, I've totally forgot to take photo there ;-(. I'm not to used to take pictures. So I always bring my camera with me after the trip. Good for me!

Anyway, I knit, tat and crochet as always.
Lacy Sock In Progress
I have started this sock today. A pattern is from _Socks-socks-socks_. I'm using Puppy's GrandMerino and size 1 needles.
Usually, I have a sock project going on or two. Last month, I wanted to knit something different and have been away from sock projects. Then suddenly, I found myself desperately want to knit socks this morning.
I'm not good at yarn over, but love lace patterns. It is challenging for me to knit this sock.
Since it is getting warmer and warmer, I knit this in slow pace.

And this is the scarf I'm working on.
Ruffle in Cotton Angora
Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora is one of my fruits from the trip.
Why Debbie Bliss in Sweden, you may ask. Well, there's no reason. Just I've never seen Cotton Angora before and happened to see it there at the first time. I touched it and fell in love with this yarn at the very moment. That's all.
Yesterday, I bought my commuter passes. It was the first day of the fiscal year and that means quite a few number of people want to buy their commuter passes. And that made a long, long line to get my pass.
While waiting in line, I was knitting this Ruffle. Then I realised this is the most suitable project for a mobile knitter, me.
It is narrow enough and short row makes me turn the work a lot. And it is really fit for mobile knitting.

I'd like to introduce my module knitting and some crochet doilies here, but I'm afraid I'm running out of time now.
Maybe next time.