Saturday, April 02, 2011

Shetland Yarn

Shetland Yarn
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Things get better little by little at least around me. I go to work on weekdays. Often I can't buy what I want to because of supplies are not enough.
But, just as Dickens wrote, "it is the best of times and it is the worst of times. In short, this period is so far like the others."

I've found my Bossie FeatherWeight was broken on the next day of the earthquake. Something heavy might hit it. The whorl was split in half. I sobbed.
But, other Bossies of mine are all fine. I just didn't feel like to spin after the earthquake for a while.

Today, suddenly spinning mojo has been back to me. I just picked up some Shetland top and blended with a handcarder.
I had white, light brown, and brown fiber. In the picture, the largest skein is made of almost the same amount of white and light brown. Other small ones are made of different proportion of three colours.

I'm not very good at carding. Fiber is in fine condition so the result are not so bad.
Blending fiber is such a fun. I've learned it from Knitty. I've tried it some time and found that I love to blend natural colour fiber. A little bit of dark colour, such as bordeaux or dark navy blue would be nice to add.

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