Saturday, October 23, 2010

No.25 Crochet Gloves

No.25 手袋
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I was supposed to knit mittens this autumn and winter.
What I made is this: a pair of crochet gloves.
This is a side-to-side glove so you have less yarn ends than ordinary circular knit or crochet one. If you go circular, you have at least 10 ends: 8 for a thumb and 3 fingers, and 2 for a cast-on edge and a finger.

The most difficult part for me was making slip stitches for edging. I made them too tight, and I had hard time to make single crochets (double crochets, for English) on them. I had to rip them all at the first time.

No.25 手袋

These slip stitches and single crochets become gussets, as you might see in the photo below. Before making the gloves, I'd thought it might be too tight. These gussets give you enough room.

No.25 手袋
I used Olympus' Fiore. This yarn shimmers a little, maybe because it contains silk. This yarn is made of wool (60%), mohair (17 %), polyester (15%), and silk (8%).

These gloves are so warm, I won't need another pair at all.
What should I do with my plan to knit mittens, now?

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  • You can never have too many mittens! So, just keep making mittens and gloves! :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11:23 PM  

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